Simple Steps to Help Your Email be Delivered

Luckily, as Spam activity increases, the Spam blocking software companies are building stronger and more intelligent products.  Unfortunately though for you, your NON-Spam email marketing messages may be caught up in the filters.  Here are a few tips to increase your delivery.

From Address – Are you sending email from a general corporate address or your personal address?  Chances are, will often be put in the Spam bucket, but will often be delivered.  Spam filters want to make sure that real people are sending real emails, and will block some emails that do not have a personal touch.

Subject Line – If your subject line needs a comma or period, you’re on the path to undelivered email.  Keep it short – 40 characters max.  Shorter subject lines garner greater open rates as well – be smart and catchy, you don’t need to tell a story before they open it.  Don’t use all CAPS and certainly don’t use special characters (*!%$#) it’s an automatic trigger for Spam filters.

Limit creative elements – Your email should have a strong, branded graphical element, but can be taken to an extreme and the HTML can get quite complicated.  Spam filters frown upon this.  Keep it simple, short and to the point.  While the Spam filters like simple to read emails, so do your customers.  Concise, succinct email marketing messages produce much greater results than detailed information.  Save it for the landing page, your customers and Spam filters will thank you.


Tip of the day – We at Swiftpage hate Spam as much as you do.  Want to receive less?  On your website, don’t fully spell out your email addresses.  Rather use John.Doe(at)  Spammers use spiders to harvest email addresses from corporate websites and if you use (at) instead of @, the spiders will jump right over you.

About Dan Ogdon

Dan has been with Swiftpage since 2006 and has a passion for delivering solutions to companies that increase the value of their product offerings. Dan is an avid fly fisherman and spends any time he can with his growing family.

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