10 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing

Extra Extra!
Keep your subject lines to 45 characters or less, mention your brand and reference something in the actually body of the email.  It should read like a headline in the Times.

I hate advertisers!
Use your personal email address as the “from” address when sending campaigns.  No one wants to read email from adverstising@xyzcorp.com.

Testing schmesting – Who needs to test?
Test everything you can think of until you achieve the results you are looking for, then keep testing to blow away your numbers. 

List: Subject lines, time of day, imagery, links, copy, geographic location, day of the week, and more

Mmmmm Spam
Run a test email through a spam check tool before you send to your campaign list.  Spam checks will see flags in your email that may tip off spam filters.  Swiftpage has one – http://www.swiftpage.com/spamcheck

Prepare yourself for landing
Use email as a means to drive your contacts to a landing page.  You’ll know more about what they are interested with insight into which links they clicked in the email.

More action than a Bruce Lee film
Make your call to action (“Learn More”, “Buy Now”, “Free Trial”) prominent and above the fold.  Your contacts should be able to open their email and know exactly what to do to take action.

Be one of the cool kids
Get added to your contacts “Safe sender” address book.  When they sign up to receive email from you remind them during the sign up process to add your sending address to their personal whitelist.

Tighten up that waistline
Create campaigns for the inbox by limiting width of HTML templates to 600 pixels at a maximum and design for your main information or index to be the first thing your contact reads.

Building blocks are fun
Build your list and capture names and email addresses by giving away something free.  Write a great whitepaper or article and have people give you their contact information before they receive it.

Slow and steady wins the race
Be persistent and consistent with your email marketing campaigns.  Send on a scheduled basis and your contacts will learn to look forward to your messages.

About Dan Ogdon

Dan has been with Swiftpage since 2006 and has a passion for delivering solutions to companies that increase the value of their product offerings. Dan is an avid fly fisherman and spends any time he can with his growing family.

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