Send on a Regular Basis

Think of how many emails you receive everyday.  There is likely a handful of promotional ones, a large number of corporate ones, some friends and family ones and so on.  What makes you open one email now, flag another for later reading or just delete before even opening it?  Ever thought about what your contacts might be doing?

Not only do you need to be sending relevant email messages to the correct people, but you have to hit them at the right moment so you are not automatically deleted.  Have you considered what it might do to your open and response rates by sending at a specific time and day each time you send?  If your contacts know they’ll be receiving email from you every Tuesday morning at 11:00 AM, and you are sending them content that is valuable, chances are, over time, your open rates will start to increase and response will increase as  a result of more eyeballs on your message.

It’s practically impossible for me to be this structured, but a consistent email campaign like this is an excellent tactic to get your customers excited to receive your message as they know it will be appearing in an hour or so…

About Dan Ogdon

Dan has been with Swiftpage since 2006 and has a passion for delivering solutions to companies that increase the value of their product offerings. Dan is an avid fly fisherman and spends any time he can with his growing family.

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