Create an Email that Gets Results

There is more to creating an E-mail template than throwing text and images into a defined space and calling it quits. Does your recipient know exactly what to do with the email? You have 1/3 of a second to engage, 3 seconds for them to know what to do, 30 seconds to get your point across. Here are a few things you need to think about.


Your headlines should read like a newspaper front page – Demand attention, gain notoriety, engage.

Your main copy should be short and concise – drive recipients to landing pages to read further, they should not have to scroll through your email.

If you are addressing more than 2 topics in your Email, don’t, create another E-mail that addresses different points.


Many studies show human imagery draws your recipients eyes to it – as the eye is drawn to the image, what can you put on its natural path – how about your offering!

Use stock photography – clip art was cool in middle school – you’ve grown up and your recipients will appreciate your professional approach

Make sure they know it is undeniably your brand. While your messaging is no doubt different between emails, make sure you maintain brand consistency with your email templates – You didn’t build every page of your website with a different layout – do the same with email templates.


Make sure your call to Action is above and below the fold. If scrolling is required, don’t let your offering go away.

Use a combination of banners/buttons and text based links for your call to action – the results of the E-mail blast will tell you what worked.

Your main call to action should be the first thing a recipient sees when they open your E-mail, make sure it is so.

About Dan Ogdon

Dan has been with Swiftpage since 2006 and has a passion for delivering solutions to companies that increase the value of their product offerings. Dan is an avid fly fisherman and spends any time he can with his growing family.


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