Think about Drip Marketing as your Marketing Intern that Never Forgets

What does Drip Marketing do that the normal marketing intern can’t do?  In the simple form you may want to think of Drip Marketing as having a very organized inexpensive marketing intern. 

Someone who never forgets to send the email to everyone who asks for information on your website.  He/she never forgets that it has been 7 days since the last email was sent to that person and launches another one.   The marketing intern would remember to send out the save the date email exactly 30 days before the webinar and again remind everyone 14 days before and the day before the event.  The marketing intern would go through the mail list and remove everyone who has purchased the new upgrade so they would not get the time to upgrade email blast.  The marketing intern can comb through the email blast reports and create a ranked list of the most interested prospects for the sales team to call. 

Your marketing intern can stay on top of all of these things or you can create a few Drip Marketing campaigns and have the whole process happen automatically.  I think it is a good practice to hire marketing interns but for the least expensive and most reliable process Drip Marketing is the ticket.

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