Email Marketing Blueprint

I’ve been talking with a friend of mine that is remodeling his house in the hip Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  We’ve been talking about his vision, how he has changed it due to this scenario and that scenario and finally what he has had his builder draw up as the plans.  They’ve thoughtfully taken everything into consideration and the contractors are now executing against those plans to realize his vision.

Is this not unlike the approach you should take with your Email blasts and even more so for your Drip Marketing Campaigns?  For a home remodel, it doesn’t make sense to start knocking out walls and cutting pipes before having thought out that you didn’t really want a bowling lane where the kitchen was.

Treat each one of your marketing campaigns with the same respect:

  • What’s your overall vision?  Event attendance, lead qualification…what are your overall goals?
  • Layout out your plan,  your blueprint, for what you need to achieve your vision – what creative elements, tone of  copy, what’s the call to action, do you need a landing page…
  • Now Build – gather your materials and resources needed and begin creating against your well-thought-out plan

Create your blueprint and when it is time to launch your campaign, you can feel more confident of your vision being realized.

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