Swiftpage Support FAQ of the Week

Swiftpage Support has put together a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions that our staff receives. We plan on posting one FAQ on our blog a week to provide our customers with another resource for their questions. Kassi Johnson, our Customer Service Manager, has put this list together. Her Email address is posted on Kassi Johnson’s about page if you would like to contact her with any further questions.

FAQ #1 How does a survey work?

Swiftpage Surveys gives you the tools to stay in front of and gather information from your valued clients.

The process:

Create a survey in your Swiftpage account

Create a template in your Swiftpage account and put a [[SpeSurveyHere]] tag within the template.
If desired, attach an additional template that you created to use as a landing page, or use an existing URL as a landing page. After the user hits submit on a survey, they will be directed to your landing page.

You are done with creating the basic survey and functionality – now, there are two ways for people to get to your survey:

Link to your survey with either text or an image from within your Swiftpage email template. Send out the template, and the email recipients that click on that link will be brought to your survey, fill it out and hit submit, and they are brought to your specified landing page.

Link to your survey from anywhere on your website. All you need is the URL of where your email sits, which can be found in the Survey section in the Online Editor. People click on the link and are brought to your survey, fill it out and hit submit, and they are brought to your specified landing page.

How can you benefit from using Swiftpage survey?

With Swiftpage Surveys, you can make your website and email messages more effective by gathering valuable data. Your current leads, prospects and customers should be your sounding board. All you have to do is ask…our surveys give you the tools to do this. Swiftpage Surveys also can be attached to our Autoresponder, List Builder, and List Updater features.

Swiftpage’s Survey Tool is included with any Swiftpage service level starting at $14.95 per month

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