Bright Peak – Creative Solutions for your Business

Do you want professionally designed work without the high prices and long waits designers provide? Bright Peak is a division of Swiftpage that offers just that! We have a full staff of designers that can have a first proof of your piece done within 24-48 hours. You can get your business moving along with a professional look in minimal time and not break the back account. What exactly does Bright Peak have to offer?

Email Templates

We understand you may not have the resources both from a design and a time standpoint. It is important that you focus on growing your business and not on designing the next email blast – that’s what we’re here for.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is not dead. In today’s landscape, your contacts will react to different marketing methods in different ways. From postcards to brochures, flyers and formal invitations, we’ll make sure your message has an impact.

Identity Design

Nothing looks more captivating than a professionally designed logo and supplemental branded items to make your prospective customers feel as if they’ve made the right choice.

Alternatively a poor logo design can make your prospective customers think twice. Bright Peak does more than simply give your company a professionally fresh look, it helps create the brand experience that defines who your business is.

Landing Pages

We understand a website cannot be a constantly changing extension of every email blast or marketing campaign you develop – however, landing pages developed specifically for each campaign will garner stronger results.


Rather than covering all facets on one long-scrolling landing page, break up your information into categories and let your visitors choose how to navigate.

Contact Bright Peak by calling (877) 228-8377 ext. 172, or email Visit the website for more details on services, pricing and more:

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