Email Marketing and Social Media

tweet-tweetYou have made up your mind. Everyone else is doing it and you are officially behind the times. You can no longer avoid the calling of Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn, etc. Your biggest fear? What if no one wants to follow you on Twitter? What if no one pays attention to your blog posts?

Of course there are a couple of things you can do to gain followers on Twitter. You can start out by using sites such as You can search and monitor what is being said about your topics of interest using You can follow as many people as possible by searching through twitter and following everyone in hopes that they will return the follow.

But how do you gain followers that are actually interested in what you have to say? Followers that will take the time to @swiftpage or RT what you have to say? You start with the people who you already know are your loyal customers. You get the word out that you are starting the plunge into the world of Social Media and you need to rely on them to help you with the referral process. The easiest, most effective way to contact these loyal customers is by email marketing.

How can email marketing help gain you followers?

You already have a list of your customers. All you have to do now is create an email announcing your Twitter, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Let’s say your first step is creating a Twitter account. Send out an email blast to all of your customers announcing Swiftpage is now on Twitter! Follow us @swiftpage. Let your loyal customers know that the most recent updates with your company will be posted on your twitter page and the easiest way to stay up to date is to follow your company on twitter.

Also, let your customers know that you would love all their feedback on Twitter. You want to hear everything that they like or do not necessary like about your products and services in order to build a greater product with the valuable input from the people who are actually using the products.

Finally, let your customers know that you promise to post links to various sources of valuable information that they can gain from. You will not be using Twitter so sell them as much as possible. You will be using Twittter to guide them, to keep them updated, and to build your future products with them.

When your customers click on the link from your email blast to follow you on Twitter, you will be on your way to developing purposeful conversations that not only will your customers gain from but you will also gain from. Email marketing combined with social media is a step towards a whole new world of marketing for your business.

Image Credit: Missy Bergen – Visit Missy’s Daily Photo Journal to check out some of her work. Ever since Missy was a kid, she has had a camera attached to her hand – and it shows in every single one of her pictures.

6 Responses to “Email Marketing and Social Media”

  1. All good ideas, but so far I have yet to find anyone who is actually converting time spent on twitter to income. Still just falls into the distraction category.

  2. Charlie –

    Thank you for the input, I really appreciate it.

    To your worries with Twitter being a distraction – I agree with you, it can be a distraction if you sit at your computer all day long worrying about posting/monitoring. However, there are various ways to avoid this.

    For posting purposes – Swiftpage uses CoTweet. CoTweet allows you to schedule your tweets. I spend a designated amount of time on Twitter every morning and plot out my tweets for the day. That way, the only reason I would worry about other tweets is when I come across and interesting article that I feel is worthy of tweeting about.

    For monitoring purposes – I use Tweetbeep. Every time someone writes about Swiftpage I receive an Email of the tweet. It makes it easy to monitor and only takes me two seconds to respond.

    As to your thoughts on converting time to income here are a few relevant blog posts:

    Just some ideas.

  3. I heard that many spam filters are blocking emails that include links to your Twitter account. Have you heard about this? Is there anyway to include it, yet avoid being blocked?

  4. Josh –

    I have heard about this. Good news though, twitter has taken care of it.

    About a year ago when Twitter was really starting to take off this was a really big issue. Since a lot of people were subscribing at once and then sending out emails to all of their friends asking them to join – it caused major issues. However, since then twitter has fixed things…

    First on the list was adding a global unsubscribe. By making it easier for users to get off their list, Twitter was able to significantly reduce complaints that were triggering complaints at Yahoo!, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Earthlink, and Verizon.

    Once Twitter added the global unsubscribe, they were able to sign up for feedback loops at Microsoft and United Online. In addition they signed up for other available feedback loops which also allowed them to submit an application to the Yahoo! whitelist. The feedback loops provided them with data on who complained so that they could be removed from the list. They were also able to analyze the complaint data for information on which email messages and data sources were causing complaints.

    As to a tip on where to include you Twitter account – a good way is to promote in your email signature. That way, every time you send out an email you are advertising your twitter account without even realizing it.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Sure, but I haven’t seen any tool to integrate links to my Twitter, Facebook and Linked In pages on Swiftpage email templates. The window system for swiftpage templates only allows to include icons vertically (one at a time).

    • Our advanced editor allows you to set up images wherever you need them to be as well as hyperlink them individually. If you are familiar with HTML then this will work great. Here is a quick start guide on how you can use images within the Advanced Editor –

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