Employee Showcase – Lindsey Bakel

Without the hard work and dedication that our team has shown Swiftpage, we would not be where we are today. We value each one of our team members and would like to take the opportunity to showcase one of our most deserving team members: Lindsey Bakel.

Qualities that make Lindsey stand out:
The Swiftpage marketing team is comprised of a group of self starters that need no encouragement to provide an outstanding end to end customer experience. Lindsey shines in this role and has reshaped the way we think about telling the Swiftpage story. She brings a unique skill set of a strong business acumen, great personal drive and a design element that could stand on its own.

Latest Swiftpage Accomplishment:
In an impossibly tight product launch schedule, Lindsey managed a group of designers and content creators to develop interactive feature tours to boost conversion and improve customer success. She turned very technical processes into easy to learn, actionable training material that will help our user base develop effective marketing campaigns to grow their businesses.

What do we like most about working with Lindsey:
Attitude. From the first day on the job, Lindsey impressed with how well she fit in with our group. We ask a lot from each one of our team members and Lindsey consistently delivers work that exceeds our expectations. She continues to challenge the way we communicate with our customers in the marketplace and pushes new ideas through to fruition. Not to mention she is a great Swiftpage culture fit.

Why did we hire Lindsey:
Lindsey knows what it takes to play a marketing role in an organization that relies very little on top-down management. Singlehandedly she built a strong brand for her previous employer to present itself in the proper light in its particular market segment. It was clear to us from the first time we spoke that we’d be lucky to have her on our team.

What do other team members think about working with Lindsey?

“Lindsey is always willing to lend a hand.” – Missy Bergen
“She has won us over with cheese curds.” – Adam Preeo
“Lindsey – easygoing….she’s willing to jump in and figure things out and find a solution to things that are completely new to her.” – David Leach
“Being the newest addition to Swiftpage, Lindsey has helped me out tons. She has always been there to answer my questions and to provide guidance.” Sara Jantsch

Learn more about Lindsey >>

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