Judging a Book by its Cover

Your email represents you, your company, and your product or service. Therefore it is very similar to the cover of a book; the cover is a huge selling point and often differentiates the best sellers from the duds. Here are a few simple ways to create a bestselling book cover for your business.

Theme – Goal

The theme of a book is represented in all parts of its cover and should speak directly to the target audience and give them an idea of what lies within the pages of the book. This relates to your email because your theme, brand and goal of your email, should encompass everything you’re communicating. Your text, images and links should clearly show why your contacts should read your email, and what they should do as a result, or your call to action.  The best way to drive your contacts to action is with the use of links.

  • Link to related landing page
  • Utilize button images and text links
  • Have both link types at top and near bottom

Title – Headings

Your subject line and headlines within your email are as important as the title to a book. You only have one subject line to get your recipients to open your email and 3 seconds to grab your contacts’ attention when they open it, so utilizing your subject line and headlines is the best way to do it.

  • Attention grabbing for your audience
  • Visible when opened
  • Represent goal and content

Illustrations – Images

Illustrations on a book cover are very compelling. Your images should not be overlooked, they help communicate your goal and represent your brand. However, since you’re creating an email and not a book cover, you should keep in mind that some of your recipients will have images blocked on their incoming emails and therefore you should test your email without images to make sure that it still makes sense.

  • Professional stock images
  • Related to goal
  • Test imageless


Content – Text

The content of your message should be authentic and concise, like the quotes and summaries you see on a book cover. The key to success here is to be short and sweet, you only have 30 seconds for your recipient to read your email in its entirety so don’t waste it. And if you have more to say, utilize links to continue your communications with your recipients.

  • Call to action – use links
  • Describes your goal
  • Authentic and concise

By following these simple steps, you can create a beautiful and effective email with Swiftpage’s Online Template Editor to help ensure that yours is a bestseller. Or if you’re looking for some help, let Bright Peak Creative help ensure that your first impression is unforgettable by letting us create your design pieces for you. Learn more at www.BrightPeak.com

About Lindsey Weinig

Lindsey Weinig has been working for Swiftpage since April 2009. A day at Lindsey’s desk as a Marketing Manager includes a wide variety of marketing strategy, copywriting, customer experience, and design projects. When she is not working, Lindsey loves to play with her black lab, paint, cook, cheer on University of Wisconsin athletics, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband. You can reach Lindsey at lweinig@swiftpage.com.

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