How do I Create a Swiftpage Survey?

Make your website and email messages more effective by gathering valuable data from your leads, prospects or customers with a survey.  Swiftpage surveys gives you the tools to build your products and services with the aid from the people who matter the most. 

 Follow these steps to create a new survey:

 1.      Log into the My Swiftpage portal here:

2.      Click on the Surveys button.

3.      Click on the New button on the left-hand side of the screen.

4.      Give your new survey a name.  If you wish to copy questions from another survey, select that survey from the “Copy Questions From” dropdown.  Then click Submit.

5.      Click on the Survey Design button at the top of the page.  Here, you can perform the following functions:

·         Add Questions: add questions to your survey;

·         Edit: change the order of questions and set other rules for survey questions;

·         Title and Instructions: add these to your survey;

·         Background Page: (available only with Pro and Team level accounts) set a Background Page for your survey (for more information on Survey Background Pages, click here)

·         Display Settings: set the color and font of your survey.

6.      Click on the Survey Result Options button at the top of the page.  Here, you can set up different options for what happens when a survey is filled out:

·         Autoresponder – Email Acknowledgement: sends an email to a customer as soon as they fill out the survey.  Instructions for the Autoresponder – Email Acknowledgement can be found here.

·         Autoresponder – Drip Marketing Autoloader: automatically adds the contact to a Drip Marketing Campaign.  Instructions for the Autoresponder – Drip Marketing Autoloader can be found here.  (Note: only available in conjunction with Swiftpage’s Drip Marketing service.)

·         ACT! Database Update: the List Builder allows you to add contacts automatically into your ACT! database when a new contact fills out the survey.  The List Updater updates existing contacts in your database once the contact fills out the survey.

·         Survey Landing Page: allows you to determine where your contacts go after they fill out the survey.  Instructions for setting a Landing page are here.

7.      Your survey is finished.  Now that your survey is set up, you can put the survey into your template.  There are two ways to put a survey in your template. The first is by linking it to text and the second is by linking to an image.

·         For linking to text, click on the My Swiftpage button, then click on the Template Editor button.  In the template editor, click on Content Editor > Text Options > Edit Text.  Type the words that you want people to click on to be taken to your survey, and click Submit.  Then click on Content Editor > Text Options > Link to Survey.  In the white box on the left-hand side of the screen, type the words exactly as they appear in the window you want linked, then select your survey from the dropdown list, and click Submit.  Your survey is now linked to the text you entered.

·         To link a survey to an image, click on the Content Editor > Image Options > Add/Replace an Image.  Enter the image you desire into your template.  Then highlight the window your image is in, click on Content Editor > Image Options > Link to Survey / Web > Link to Survey.  Select your Survey from the dropdown list, and click Submit.  Your survey is now linked to the image you added to your template.

8.      You are finished!  Your survey is all set up and ready to be sent out within your Swiftpage template.

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