Scheduling Sends with Swiftpage

Twitter Problem:  A major fear that I have heard about using Twitter is: “I don’t want to sit at my computer all day coming up with tweets.”  When you look at twitter, it appears that people are posting all day long.  Every hour a person may post an interesting link to an article – or even a couple times an hour.  How do they possibly have time to focus on anything else?

twitter schedule send

Solution:  Many programs out there today offer scheduled tweets.  This is useful for a couple different reasons.  For one, let’s say you come across a very useful article at 6:00am.  You really want to tweet about the article to share it with your followers, but you don’t think that many of them will pay attention to it this early in the morning.  Easy fix – schedule your tweet for 9:00am and don’t think about it again.  A second use for this feature is so you don’t have to focus on twitter all day long while you are at work focusing on other things.  For example, I have my own twitter account that I love updating.  However, I know I cannot spend time at work updating my personal account all day long so I will do a little research at night on interesting articles I have found.  While I am at work focusing on the @swiftpage account, tweets are being posted on my personal account without a thought from me.

Email Problem:  You have just finished your beautifully crafted email that you spent hours on.  You do some research and come to the conclusion that the best time possible to send out an email blast is on Tuesday mornings.  The only problem is you have meetings all morning on Tuesday. Or let’s say you are traveling a lot next month and will not remember to send your email campaign.  You are so busy that it is the last thing on your mind.


Solution:  You could settle for sending an email on a different day or you could try to rely on your memory to send your beautifully crafted email in the middle of a chaotic month.  Good news though, you don’t have to do either.  You can use the schedule send feature that Swiftpage has to offer.  All you have to do is pick your date and your problem is solved.  It is the same concept as scheduled sends on Twitter.  For example, maybe the only time you have to construct your email campaign is at 8:00 pm on a Sunday night.  You can simply schedule your send using Swiftpage and your email will automatically be sent on Tuesday morning without you worrying about remembering to send it.

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