Avoid Spam Filters by Working with Them

The point of a spam filter is to protect people from receiving information that they did not want to receive and to also protect them from scams that may potentially cause them to lose money.  Swiftpage offers a free Spam Check that gives you the tools to send your email through a spam check before sending out to your email list.  The spam check will generate a score based on the likelihood that your email will be considered spam.

 Sometimes, Spam filters will send email to junk folders when the emails are actually not spam.  You don’t want your emails the end up in the junk folders instead in your intended recipients’ inboxes.  How can you avoid this?  You can think like a spam filter.  When sending out mass emails, it should be your goal to provide your customers with valuable information that they are asking for.  It should not be your goal to contact them without permission, try to always force sell in your emails, or link to ridiculous amounts of opportunities to your various sites.

 It is understandable that people do make mistakes.  They may include certain spam tip offs in their email campaigns without even realizing it.  In this case, here are some examples of certain things to avoid when sending your email campaign:

 From email address

–          A personal address has a much higher chance of making it to an inbox than an email from info@company.com.  Customers also like receiving emails from personal addresses so why no kill two birds with one stone?

Subject Lines

–          Subject lines can be a huge red flag for spam filters.  Certain words and characters tip off spam filters that you should avoid.  For instance, using a bunch of !!!!!!! or ALL CAPS is a great way to ensure your email will be considered spam.  Also, phrases like “free medicine” or “4 years of college in just 4 months” that automatically appear as spam, will not do you any good.

–          It is always a good idea to keep your subject line consistent with the content in your email.  Not only will this help you avoid spam, but customers will appreciate it as well. 

Short and to the point

–          When emails are drawn out and include way too much information in a complicated way, spam filters may be tipped off.  Make things as simple as possible for your readers.


–          Linking is a great way to drive customers to your website.  However, when an email is filled with too many links, not only is it annoying to your customers but it is also annoying to spam filters.  It comes off as though you are simply trying to sell yourself and your company. 

 Keep in mind your readers needs and wants and you will be more likely to avoid spam filters.  After all, the spam filters are there to help protect your readers from unwanted material.  Why don’t you join the filters and do the same?

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