2 Responses to “Important Email Marketing Terms”

  1. Great basic list of email marketing terms for the novice or first time user. Here’s a basic primer I put together:

    Email marketing refers to the process of sending emails with the intent of advertising products and services. Similar to traditional advertising pieces using United States Postal Service delivery, email marketing can be an effective tool in advertising and marketing campaigns. Email marketing software has made the process of distributing emails much easier with the ability to store contacts, build email campaigns, track penetration rates, open rates, and bounce back rates, and measure overall campaign success.

    Various forms of email marketing exist such as bulk email marketing (indiscriminate mailing to many recipients), direct email marketing (using a more targeted distribution list sometime including people who have volunteered to receive such emails), and email marketing lists which can be rented from newspapers, magazines, and other popular websites. Some companies offer free email marketing services but typically these have very low penetration and open rates since most email addresses either bounce back or move the sender to spam folders.

    Internet marketing and online marketing have used email marketing campaigns for years with varying degrees of success. Opt in email marketing has proven to be more successful since recipients are more likely to open and view the emails. Opt in mailing list are a great place to start when looking for business marketing email lists.


  2. Thank you for your comments! Great definition of email marketing – it really makes it simple and easy to understand.

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