Email Marketing and Social Media – It Really Does Work

I previously wrote a blog post on how to use email marketing and social media as a combined effort.  I thought it was a great idea and I was confident when writing about it, however, I had never actually experienced the results first hand. 

Yesterday, Swiftpage sent out a newsletter announcing that we are now on Twitter and we are really focusing on our blog.  Minutes after the email was sent out, I immediately noticed a spike in followers for both the blog and twitter accounts. 

I decided to ask a question to see if anyone responded.  Nothing is worse than asking a question on Twitter and getting no response.  This time, people actually replied.  We officially have followers on Twitter now that pay attention to our tweets.  These are some of the responses I got:

lynaejohnson @swiftpage Found you through the newsletter – Hmm, looks like email newsletters work! 😉

ronkule @swiftpage – following you from your August newsletter. Love your services, because for 1st time my newsletter goes out effortlessly now.

Heidi2Sue @swiftpage Following you now as a result of the August newsletter – keep up the good work!

Trevor_Lever @swiftpage following you after the mention in your August Newsletter.

vanwalt @swiftpage Yes thanks for the August Newsletter

DebandCo @swiftpage I am also following due to the newsletter!

Great support from the people who matter the most – our valued customers.  Along with Twitter, our blog readers for the last two days has increased by over 200 readers.  lynaejohnson is right, this is a classic example of how effective email marketing can be for your business.

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