5 Steps to Building a Template with Swiftpage

Once you’ve logged into the Swiftpage Template Editor through your ACT!, SalesLogix, SageCRM, Outlook, Excel or Hosted database you can follow these easy steps to creating your template.

    1.     Select a Template to start with from the Swiftpage Template Gallery. Keep in mind the number of columns and general layout you are looking for when selecting your template.

Do it > Select Template Library Tab > Read Only Library > Preview All Global Templates (if necessary) > Select the template you want to use > Submit > Save As > Rename the template > Submit 

     2.   Upload Header to your template. Your header image must have already been created in another program, with a 600 pixel width, to fit into the email format.

Do it > Select Content Editor Tab > Image Options > Replace Header Image > Upload a Header > and browse your computer for the header image > Submit

Need a Header? Let Bright Peak design one for you starting at $75. 

    3.     Edit Text and create headlines within your template to drive your contacts to immediate action. Also include   text links and mail merge feature to fully engage your contacts.

Do it > Select the Swiftwindow you want to edit > Content Editor Tab > Text Options > Edit Text > Edit and link the text as needed > Submit 

ss for blog post

    4.     Add Images to your template and link your images to ensure you grab your contact’s attention and lead them further. There can be one image in each Swiftwindow in within your template.

Do it > Select the Swiftwindow you want to edit > Content Editor Tab > Image Options > Add/Replace an Image > browse your computer for the image > Select position of image > Submit

(Select Link to Survey/Web in Image Options to link image in selected Swiftwindow) 

    5.     Customize your template with background colors, horizontal lines, by changing column widths, or move or delete Swiftwindows. Remember deleted Swiftwindows cannot be recovered.

Do it > Select the Swiftwindow you want to edit > Customize Template Tab > Select your customization option and follow the directions given.

 Want to learn how to link to a PDF, Swiftpage Survey, or import your own HTML template into Swiftpage Template Editor? Swiftpage Education Center >>

About Lindsey Weinig

Lindsey Weinig has been working for Swiftpage since April 2009. A day at Lindsey’s desk as a Marketing Manager includes a wide variety of marketing strategy, copywriting, customer experience, and design projects. When she is not working, Lindsey loves to play with her black lab, paint, cook, cheer on University of Wisconsin athletics, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband. You can reach Lindsey at lweinig@swiftpage.com.

4 Responses to “5 Steps to Building a Template with Swiftpage”

  1. Brian Puddington Reply August 6, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    I think that you guys just lost a sale. We use Sage ACT! as our CRM and we use Constant Contact to send e-mail blasts. We are small users. We send weekly e-mail blasts to 300-400 addresses. We typically have 4-5 hyperlinks in each e-mail. We track click-through rates carefully. All this is possible with Constant Contact’s entry-level package. I thought it would make sense to switch to Swiftpage because of its integration with ACT! (It is a real pain to import all those e-mail addresses into Constant Contact.) Unfortunately Swiftpage believes that small users, like us don’t have nore than one hyperlink and don’t want to track multiple click-throughs from multiple hperlinks because Swiftpage only allows one hyperlink with its entry-level package. We find this highly restrictive. To have 5 hyperlinks in an e-mail blast, we have to move up not one, but two levels on the Swiftpage pricing/package offerings. That was a show-stopper, forcing us to stay with Constant Contact despite its difficulties caused by no integration with ACT!

    • Brian, Thanks for reaching out. I apologize for any confusion, but we don’t limit hyperlinks at any level. You could plenty more than 5. I am happy to have a Customer Care Agent reach out to you and answer any other questions you may have. Let me know if you are interested!

      • Brian Puddington August 6, 2012 at 9:34 AM

        I am absolutely interested. I am in the office all day today at 514-944-4646. I spoke to someone on the phone at Swiftpage and she said that the term “Landing Page” meant the same thing as hyperlink and that it was restricted. I look forward to speaking to someone. Thanks for your help.

      • Brian Puddington August 6, 2012 at 2:47 PM

        It’s already 5:00 PM. Maybe tomorrow someone could reach out to me or just plain give me a call.

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