Top 5 Marketing Tips

Email marketing it a great way to reach your potential and current customers in a very effective way.  However, if you don’t know much about marketing in general, it will be difficult for you to create a campaign that is beneficial to your company.  Below is a list of 5 important marketing tips to keep in mind when constructing your next email campaign:

#1 Enthusiasm is Contagious

Being enthusiastic in your email campaigns will allow your readers to see the passion you express in your company and your products.  If your readers see this excitement, they will be more likely to be enthusiastic in your products.  If your emails lack enthusiasm and excitement, the readers may as well.  However, show this passion by choice of words and not CAPS or !!!!!

For example:

Swiftpage is proud to announce DRIP MARKETING!!!


Swiftpage now offers Drip Marketing to put your sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control.

#2 Set up a Deadline

Procrastination is one of the reasons people do not take advantage of an offer.  People are busy in their everyday lives.  If they are sent an email about a new product, even if they are interested in the product, they may put it off till they have time and never get back to the email again.  However, if there is a deadline with a special offer, people will be more likely to make an effort to visit the email again before the time runs out.

#3 Use Several Methods of Communication

The more times people see your company out there, they more likely they will be to take your brand seriously.  Reach your customers and potential customers across social media, email marketing, direct mail, call lists, and more. 

#4 Don’t Forget about Your Contacts

Use your current contacts to develop loyal customers.  After they purchase a product, follow up with them and see how the product is working for them.  Or you may choose to send an offer for a product that is similar or compliments the purchased product.  Either way, maintain contact with your leads so they know you didn’t forget about their business.

#5 Use Respect to Strengthen Business Relationships

Without gaining the respect of your customers, they will not remain loyal to you over the years.  Provide them with useful information, with great customer service, and with products that are made for them.  If they respect you, they will take your recommendations more serisouly.

Bonus Tip:

Work together with the companies you already have close ties with.  In your email campaign, link to your buddy company, but never choose a competitor.  Show the appreciation that you have for the relationship you have formed with their company.  Direct clients to their services and highlight what they have to offer.  Your buddy company may return the favor in the future.

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