FAQ Friday: What are the proper dimensions (specs) for an email template?

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Swiftpage Support has put together a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions that our staff receives. We plan on posting one FAQ on our blog a week to provide our customers with another resource for their questions. Kassi Johnson, our Customer Service Manager, has put this list together. Her Email address is posted on Kassi Johnson’s about page if you would like to contact her with any further questions.

This week, Kassi chose to answer the question on proper dimensions for an email template.  Her answer is as follows:

All Swiftpage email templates are 600 pixels wide.  (If you are importing a template, the recommended width is 600 pixels.)  This is the average viewing capacity of most email programs.  It is never a good idea to design a template that is wider than the viewing capacity for email programs.  In most cases, readers will only pay attention to what they can view right off the bat.  The email can be as long vertically as you want, but you may not have more than 23 Swift windows in either column.

All Swiftpage email templates have the choice of one or two columns.  With two columns, you can resize the left-hand or right-hand column as wide as 580 pixels, which essentially reduces the other column to an unusable size (about 8 pixels wide, because there is a standard 12 pixel space between the two columns).

Header images imported into Swiftpage should be 600 pixels wide.  All other images imported into Swiftpage should be no more than 50 kb large, no wider than 580 pixels, and no more than 72 dpi in resolution.

Hope this helps the next time you are designing your email template.  For more tips, visit our Support Page for a list of quick start guides on using our Online Editor.  Some of the guides include:

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–          Share Templates, Users in Different Accounts

–          General Images

–          Mail Merges

–          HTML Designer’s Guide to Email Templates

–          Any More…

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