Why Should You Use an Email Service Provider?

There are countless reasons for why you should use an Email Service Provider.  Here are three reasons that we think stand out.

Reason #1:

Email marketing is affordable

–          Swiftpage offers email marketing that ranges from $59.95 a month for our team version to free for our limited version.  Trying Swiftpage for free is a great way to get started with email marketing.  With the guidance of our team, you will see results and understand why email marketing is a necessity for any business.  Just this weekend on Twitter, we noticed a comment from one of our customers stating:

“29.7% Unique Opens on our last Email blast, 1019 total opens, one person opened 101 times.Swiftpage rocks! Writing another blast today”

If our customer didn’t think he was receiving adequate results for the money he was spending, I don’t think he would spend his time tweeting about it.

price chart

Reason #2

Email marketing is measurable

–  What is the point of sending out email blasts to your customers and not knowing if anyone actually opened your email?  How do you know who your hot, warm and cold leads actually are?         

With Swiftpage, you are able to track your email blasts with advanced features.  View summaries of opens and clicks, opens over time and clicks over time.  There are also more detailed reports including submitted, unique opens by time, unique opens by email, unique clicks by link, unique clicks by email, clicks by link, clicks my email, unopened, bounced and unsent emails.  The image below is an example of an email blast summary you instantly have access to after an email blast is sent.


Reason #3

Email marketing is easy

–          With all the support and tools available, email marketing is on the easier side of marketing.  Not only does Swiftpage have a whole support team here to answer your questions, we also now blog on a regular basis about email marketing and automated marketing advice.  To go along with our blog we have a twitter account provides links to email marketing articles, provides support and is always there as a resource for any questions our customers may run into along the way.  Just recently, we provided design advice via twitter to one of our customers working on developing his first newsletter with our template editor.  Once again, we are here to help.


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