You Own a Bakery, Why Should You Care About Swiftpage?

bakerySo you are a small business owner who does not know a thing about email marketing.  For instance, let’s say you own a small bakery and you never spend time on the internet – who has time for that anyway?  Your focus is in your shop with your dedicated employees and customers.  The good thing about email marketing is it does not take a large time commitment.  For example, your bakery could send out specials and events that are going on in a monthly newsletter to your loyal customers who choose to stay up to date with what the bakery has to offer.  Easy as that.

Another example is a small business that is preparing to launch a new product.  You want to get the word out and are proud of their newest offer, but you don’t exactly know how.  Send out an email to all of your customers and monitor the results.  If customers are more interested than others, know exactly how to treat these hot leads by generating call lists.  If customers are not interested at all, generate a second email looking to gain their attention or reach them in another form of communication – such as a post card.

Have an event coming up soon?  Want to get an estimate of attendees before the event takes place?  Send out and email inviting guests to RSVP.  Once the guests RSVP, enter them into an event reminder campaign.  If they never RSVP, enter them into a sorry we missed you campaign.  All this is possible automatically.  Set the campaigns up initially and sit back and enjoy the show.

New to twitter?  How are you ever going to gain followers?  Send out an email to your customer base announcing that you are now on twitter.  This way you will gain loyal followers that will actually respond when you ask a question.  Can’t hurt to try, can it?  We tried it and didn’t notice any pain.

Image Credit: Avlxyz

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