Introducing a New Look for Swiftpage

Missy Bergen headed up the project of redesigning the Swiftpage website.  Last week, her hard work was finally released.  We decided to work on the website in order to provide the highest level of service possible to our valued customers.  Here are a couple of the highlighted features we focused on:

 Main Page:

We divided the main page into four easy to navigate sections.  These sections are four the most important features that Swiftpage offers our customers.  They include:

 Reach Your Contacts – Email Marketing, Database Integrations, Bright Peak Creative

Grow Your Database – Surveys and Web Forms

Qualify Your Leads – Call List, Email Tracking

Automate Your Business – Drip Marketing, Autoresponder, Drip Marketing Autoloader

 New entity: E-marketing Education Center
This new section of the site is the ultimate powerhouse for E-marketing Education.  Here, you will find Swiftpage Product Support, Swiftpage Articles, Drip Marketing Certified Consultant Directory, Live Demos, Deliverability Education, and Feature Tours for ACT! E-marketing.

 Support changes:

  • Live Chat button is on all Support pages.
  • We are supporting customers by funneling them down into the specific integration they are using.
  • All  supported integration pages have a new layout – click on the type of help you are seeking (such as Swiftpage Editor), and the accordion-like bar will expand to encompass all related PDFs, Online Help Pages and Videos (Feature Tours currently only available for ACT! E-marketing).
  • Search function at the top of the Support pages will bring the user to the Knowledgebase.
  • Swiftpage University has essentially become E-marketing Education Center.

 Other noted changes:

  • Login to MySwiftpage is at the top of every single page on the main website.
  • Pricing, Support, Education Center are the main call-outs for navigation – next to the login boxes at the top.
  • Footer information now holds links to main, important and likely the most-used pages on our site. It’s a mini sitemap.
  • The Search function within the footer is in fact a Google search of the entire domain. Try it out.

 These are just a few changes to the new look Swiftpage is offering.  We would love to hear your thoughts and comments regarding this change.

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