Small Business Email Evolution

 I had the opportunity to view John Jantsch’s Webinar on Email Evolution yesterday hosted by the Verizon Small Business Center.  Overall, he covered beneficial information for anyone currently using email marketing or thinking about getting started with it.

One thing that really stood out in the presentation was the idea that email is not just for marketing purposes.  Email can, and should, also be used for customer service, advanced education and training.  Here is how:

Customer Service

Email marketing can be used to thank a customer for their perchance and to follow up with how they feel about the product.  It can be used to gain people’s opinions and turn their ideas into a better product the next time around.  Here is an example of a great post purchase email blast.

Advanced Education

Advanced Education is a good way to thank a customer for their purchase and to suggest another product that they may like.  For example, if a customer purchases Product X, they will be automatically entered into the Product X follow up email blast.  In the email blast, product Y should be recommended as a compliment to product X.  Here is a great example of a Product Education Email Blast.  Why not add one last step to the blast – an Email announcing product Y.


What a great idea.  I have definitely been in the situation John described where you go through a couple days of training and are expected to remember every single detail about the company.  There are times when there is just too much to learn and hold on to.  So why not enter your new employees into an automatic drip marketing campaign and slowly, over a longer time period, release bits of information about the company.  I guarantee they will be more likely to remember the important information you provide them with.

Also during the webinar, it was reported that 23% of the viewers were not using email marketing as part of their marketing plan.  Numerous studies have show how important email marketing is for any business.  Don’t miss out on this huge gain for your company.  Take advantage of what is being offered to you.

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