5 Tips for Your Next Subject Line

I know we have written about subject lines a few times lately on this blog but I believe subject lines are so essential to email marketing that they deserve their own post.  Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when writing your next subject line.

1.   [Company Name] is Proud to Announce Our New Webinar Series

–          Always include your company name when sending out an email blast.  If you produce valuable content, people will eventually open your email regardless the message following your name.  Recognition and trust are very important aspects in any marketing campaign.

2.   Relate Subject Line Directly to Email Content

–          Your recipients will appreciate if they can glance over your subject line and know what to expect in the email. 

3.   Do Not Force Sell

–          One of the biggest mistakes is coming off as though you are only trying to sell your recipients your services.  They want to feel like you care and are interested in developing a business relationship with them.  People receive attempts from companies trying to sell them things all day long, try to focus on other important aspects in marketing to stand out from the rest.

4.   Showcase What You are Most Proud of

–          Choose your most intriguing content and shorten it into a very inviting subject line.   It is the same thing as writing a paper, your subject line, just like your title, should be the most attention grabbing part of the whole entire presentation.

5.   Avoid Tip off Words

–          The best way to avoid spam filters is by understanding how they work.  Before crafting your next email blast, do a fair share of researching tip off words for spam filters.  Avoid them whenever possible.  For example, I know it is hard to avoid using !!! when you are excited about something you are announcing.  Instead of using !!!, use the power of words to get your point across. 

Remember, you only have 3 seconds to convince a recipient to view your email. 1,2,3…that is not very much time at all.  Take your subject line seriously.  Just like you were taught back in school, write your subject line last.  Take your time.  Come up with multiple possibilities and choose the best fit.

Good Luck 🙂


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