4 Small Business Tips from a Pizza Shop in Berkley

The Cheeseboard Pizza

I had the opportunity to travel to Berkley, California this past weekend to visit some family.  While in Berkley, we ate dinner at a fun pizza shop called The Cheeseboard Pizza.  My sister and her fiancé, living in Berkley, raved about this place the whole time we were in town.  They explained the shop as a great local pizza joint that only serves one type of pizza a day.  Also, everything is vegetarian – sorry meet lovers.

My initial thought was really?  One type of pizza?  How are they going to construct a pizza that draws in enough people on any given day?  I don’t think it will work.

Sure enough, we showed up at The Cheeseboard Pizza and the line was out the door.  I was told that the line wraps around the block on busier nights.  How is this possible?

The key concept that really sets this business apart from other pizza joints: simplicity.  This company does not try to come up with mass amounts of different types of pizza to include on their menu, it does not try to open a ton of different chain restaurants and it does not advertise and sell their product at every moment possible.

Instead, the company has taken the time to get to know their members of the community.  They pay attention to the pizza’s that sell the best and base future decisions on the satisfaction of their customers.  It is pretty amazing to me that they can design one product a day and sell way more than the pizza shop down the street that offers several menu items on a daily basis.  I guess they have the whole small business thing figured out.

What can you learn from the pizza shop in Berkley?

–          Listen to your customers; they will help you build the best possible product.  The pizza shop operates in Berkley, California.  Therefore, they only offer vegetarian options.  They know the amount of people they would be eliminating with a meat lover pizza.  Therefore, they don’t even consider one.

–          Keep things simple.  Quality over Quantity.  Really focus on certain aspects of your business and make these key points visible as your brand.

–          Word of mouth is everything.  If I was simply visiting Berkley without my sister living there, I would have never experienced The Cheese Board.  However, my sister has had such a great experience every time she has stepped through the shop’s doors, she is now confident in recoommending the shop to anyone. 

–          Predictability.  The pizza of the day could be a simple cheese pizza, an extravagant vegetable pizza or a new twist on pizza such as their Mexican.  However, every single time their customers know what to predict.  A quality product made with only the freshest ingredients. 

Keep these four points in mind next time you are creating an email blast.  Listen to your customers, keep things simple, focus on word of mouth and be predictable.

Just check out the Cheeseboard Pizza Reviews – wouldn’t it be nice if your business was raved about like this?

Image Credit: keenduck

2 Responses to “4 Small Business Tips from a Pizza Shop in Berkley”

  1. Yeah, these days small businesses need all the tips they can get.

    My father owned a small pizza joint and it can be very challenging..


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