Swiftpage is Under Construction

In the last few months, Swiftpage has hired additional employees and the office is starting to get a little crowded. I sit in the front desk and when people walk in the front door, I am the first person they see. At this point, I think it is fair to change my position title from Social Media and Content Coordinator to Social Media, Content Coordinator, and Smiling Receptionist.

 There is also a desk in the corner of the office, facing the wall. There is a joke around the office where we all refer to the desk as the “time out desk”. It is the spot where the newest employees sit. I spent almost three solid months at the desk. There is one positive to this desk – a nice mountain view….or at least a picture of one.

time out

 With the lack of space, Swiftpage has recently decided to expand our office. We are currently under construction in order to have all three offices connected into one giant office, with plenty of room for everyone – even the new employees. Right now, the hallway outside the offices looks like the picture below:


 Walking down the hallway, I was intrigued with the amount of work the construction team put into keeping the building in perfect shape. The plastic covering on the floor is not only fun to walk on, but it is saving the carpet from any damage. The cardboard on the corners are keeping the walls safe from scratches and dents. I wish I would have thought about these precautions before I moved from place to place over the years. I can’t tell you how many dents I put in the walls trying to maneuver my bed into way too small of places. Or how many scratches I put on the floor trying to push couches into the perfect spot.

 That got me thinking – this construction team really has things figured out. They have taken necessary steps to ensure satisfaction of their clients. They are the best at what they do. So today – a little advice. Do the best that you can do in your every day work environment. Let your passion and love for your work show everytime you communicate with a client. Provide them with the best possible product and services, and your efforts will shine through.

Next time you send an email blast, do your research first. Build that perfect list, focus on creating the perfect email template, and make sure you are up to date on the current email marketing trends. Use the tools available to you, such as this blog, our Education Center and our Support Staff. Your efforts will help you gain the results you are looking for.

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