A Great Lesson from Southwest

I have heard about the great experiences people have had while flying with Southwest.  Below is a link to one of the most creative experiences I have come across:


You have to love a little entertainment from your flight crew. 

Recently I was on a flight to San Francisco.  At the start of the flight, the attendant went over the normal safety announcements –  with a twist, of course.  At the end of the speech, she instructed us all to look in the aisle during takeoff if we wanted the highly desired peanuts that Southwest carries.  At this point, I was a little confused – they were going to throw peanuts at us…what?.

A couple minutes later, as we are gaining elevation, I looked down the aisle and mass amounts of peanuts start to fly by.  The passengers start grabbing the packets off the floor while be encouraged to throw them around and share them with the window seats. 

It was great fun and by the time we reached our full elevation, I did not even notice we were flying.  This is exactly what sets Southwest apart from their competitors.  They take something that most people dread and they do their best to ensure that their customers have a great experience.  They create return customers at every opportunity possible while at the same time having a little fun with their jobs. 

My challenge to you:

Next time you are sending out your monthly newsletter add something unique and memorable.  Add a monthly joke, a fun contest announcement, a little bit about yourself – just to open the eyes of your customers and help them realize that your newsletter is not just another boring, ordinary newsletter. Share with us what you have come up with. We would love to see the creativity we know our customers have.

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