Dunk Your Donuts

coffeeoff_dunkin_donuts_p3An important aspect of any business should be to always look for ways to get your customers involved.  Dunkin Donuts set up a promotion that highlighted exactly this idea.  As explained in the blog post Dunkin’ with Meaning by Marketing with Meaning, Dunkin Donuts held a promotion where their loyal customers could design the newest donut to add to the Dunkin collection.  The main focus of this contest was to increase the rate of interest for the loyal Dunkin customers.

Dunkin Donuts did not lose a ton of money over this promotion and it brought it a ton of attention.  That is why it was so successful.  How cool would it be if your donut was chosen as the next Dunkin craze?  Pretty cool if you ask me.

It is now your turn.  Before you think about constructing your next email campaign, spice it up a bit.  Come up with an opportunity to involve your customers.  Give them a chance to win.  A couple examples could be:

–          The 500th follower on Twitter could win free marketing advice from your marketing team

–          The winner of a design contest gets to have their t-shirt printed and sold in your stores

–          The 20th person to email you back receives a gift card to your bakery

And so on.   Offering promotions in your email campaigns will provide your readers with an excuse to pay attention in the future.

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