Excel- The Ultimate Email List Manager

No matter what type of CRM or contact database you use, Excel can play a crucial role in keeping your email contact lists and campaigns in healthy, working order.

For every campaign you send, survey results you receive, and every single call list you make, you can simply put each set of contacts and results into their own unique spreadsheet. This makes archiving and tracking down specific groups of people, just about as easy as it gets. Essentially creating your own intertwined library of what contacts go with which campaigns and which survey results.

All CRM’s and contact solution software have an option for exporting information into an Excel format. So, if you send an email to 1,000 people in your ACT! database for example, first make that set of contacts into their own group in the database, then export that group into an Excel spreadsheet. 99% of the time the export option for all databases, will be to export as a CSV file type. This simply means a .csv file, which is a type of Excel document, like .doc for a word document.

For your Swiftpage Call Lists and every report feature, we give you the option to export your data as a CSV file. This is crucial for archiving because if you don’t take action on your reports within two months of their creation, we take them off of the servers. This may sound harsh, but when done correctly all data should have been acted upon in a two month window or at least archived for later use. To keep every single report and campaign ever, for every single user would bog down servers and force us to take on unnecessary capital. To date we have not received enough feedback suggesting that we extend that window.

So, the benefit of archiving and keeping good email records is that you can clean and compare lists, further segment your lists, and ultimately deliver the right information to the right people for the best possible results. Excel is a powerful business tool and a tried and true list manager to boot.

2 Responses to “Excel- The Ultimate Email List Manager”

  1. You have described the need for list management very well, but I think if you take a close look at calc{list} you will see it virtually obsoletes Excel as an option. In fact Excel’s purpose is doing “What if?” calculations for numbers which has little to do with lists of contact; but calc{list} was actually designed for managing lists of contacts and lets you calculate and do “What if?” with contacts! I like to say it lets you do “What Who?”. Plus calc{list} has unprecedented list management features.

    I think calc{list} would be huge step forward for Swiftpage’s Excel bound customers. There is nothing else like it…


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