Targeting the inactive clients

the fog of WAI am sitting at work right now looking out my window to the fog that covers the air outside. I am reminded that the season has officially changed to Fall. The leaves will start to cover the ground which means we have to start raking.  

In email marketing terms, it is time to clean up our client lists to start the new season off right. There are many different interactions your clients have to your email campaigns. You have the very interactive clients happy to receive your email each week/month, eating up your promotions and fully engaging and providing feedback and encouragement. You also have the exact opposite; the ones that have chosen to opt out and are not interested in your services. Then there is yet another group of people; the ones that you find difficulty engaging with. They receive you emails but don’t seem to ever open them and never notice the promotions you offer. Bart Schaefer of iPost calls these clients the middle child of list management.

Here are few ideas using Swiftpage tools to engage this middle child.

  1. Send fewer emails that are more focused. This way they take more notice when they haven’t seen your emails come in as frequent as they used to. Format this email a little differently. Add something extra to it, an exclusive free white paper or a free trial of your services.
  2. You could send a survey to figure out exactly what they want and how they use your services. This will allow you to be able to better target them in the future. The survey will also show these inactive customers that you still care about them which in turn could spark their interest a little more in your company. Read here to learn a few more tips on creating a survey.
  3. Maybe these customers respond better to direct mail. Start a drip campaign to see how people respond to each marketing tactic. If a client did not open your email campaign, send them a postcard or letter instead. Again add a special promotion to the letter to catch their attention.

These are just a few tips of many to better target your diverse acting clientele. Any other ideas come to mind that have proven effective?


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