FAQ Friday: Saving Your Template and Hyperlinking Text

Swiftpage Support has put together a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions that our staff receives. We plan on posting one FAQ on our blog a week to provide our customers with another resource for their questions. Kassi Johnson, our Customer Service Manager, has put this list together. Her Email address is posted on Kassi Johnson’s about page if you would like to contact her with any further questions.

This week, Kassi choose to answer two FAQ Friday questions:

Do I need to save my template after each edit?

You do not need to save your template after each edit you make to it in the online system. When you make changes, the template automatically takes the changes and saves the template for you. You should, however, save your template every few changes if you have a lot of text, windows, etc. Doing so will create a restore point for you, should anything go wrong with your template.

You can save your template by clicking on Template Library > Save (not Save As Read Only or Save As).

How do I hyperlink text in my message?

To hyperlink text in your template, go to the online editor (where you normally create your emails), click on Content Editor > Text Options > Edit Text.  Then, in the text edit window, highlight the text you want to link (such as “click here”).  Once the text is highlighted, click the insert/edit link button in the toolbar (in the second row of buttons, about two thirds of the way over to the right — it looks like a chain link).  Then, type or copy the URL you want to link to, select URL from the link type dropdown and http:// (or whichever protocol you need) from the protocol dropdown.  Click OK, and your link is created.

Step-by-step instructions on creating text hyperlinks can be seen by clicking here.

If you are new to Swiftpage, we highly recommend attending one of our training sessions available at: http://www.swiftpage.com/webinar/index.htm. This will give you a running start and will answer many of your questions to get you going.

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