Quality over Quantity

Last week we discussed strategic tactics to reach each one of your clients where they are at. By targeting people like this you are able to create relationships built on quality with your email recipients.  Quality is the keyword here. You can have an email list with numbers to boast about, but will each recipient feel a connection to your company or products. In other words, will they feel like a valued customer?

In a world where we can reach thousands of people on a given day it seems more important to target an audience that will be continually engaged in your company’s ideas. As I mentioned previously, it’s not about the number it’s about the relationship maintained.

So, how do you obtain this?

Jon Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing defines marketing as “getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.”

He shares seven steps to pursuing customers: 
1. Know – Your ads, article, and referred leads
2. Like – Your web site, reception, and email newsletter
3. Trust – Your marketing kit, white papers, and sales presentations
4. Try – Webinars, evaluations, and nurturing activities
5. Buy – Fulfillment, new customer kit, delivery, and financial arrangements
6. Repeat – Post customer survey, cross sell presentations, and quarterly events
7. Refer – Results reviews, partner introductions, peer 2 peer webinars, and community building

These steps can be directly related to your list management and email campaigns. First, you will receive their email address through your advertising campaigns, articles, surveys and leads. Then, you can pursue them with your email campaigns/newsletters. Through Swiftpage’s reporting you will be able to qualify your contacts depending on their actions. At this point you can also utilize a drip marketing strategy. They will begin to trust your company as your campaign follows through and they will start trying out your products and services. If this is successful, you have made a sale. However, it doesn’t stop here. It is now smart to follow up with these customers, continually engaging them in their product of choice and pursuing new avenues to provide more services. Send them a survey and invitations to upcoming company events. If they really engage you, make them part of your initiatives. Invite them to be a part of a webinar or community portal. By doing this, you create a community of people centered around your company and a quality relationship is made.

We would love to hear your stories. Please share how you have maintained quality over quantity.

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