Making a list and checking it twice.

presentThe holiday season is underway and we are officially past the pre-holiday push. You have set up the groundwork and are ready to go full throttle into the holidays.

It’s now time to take a few minutes and review this season’s checklist:
Look back to what you did last season.
What worked, what didn’t, what could you try different this year.
Things to consider:
– Were certain subject lines more catchy then others?
– Did you maintain the same frequency of emails?
– Were certain products or promotions bigger hits? 
– What days were most effective?

What else could you consider?
Clean your email lists.
You want to hit the most inboxes possible this season so you want to make sure the deliverability of your list is at its all time best. This doesn’t necessarily mean to try to increase your list by the hundreds, but it does mean to reorganize and clean you current list. Also, think of creative ways to give your list a little boost this year. Use outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to gain more followers.

Add seasonal flare.
Make your emails noticeable by changing the design/layout of your normal emails. Add a little bit of seasonal spirit to it. Send out a holiday greeting to make it personal. Then follow up with your seasonal specials or an invite to your holiday bash.

We recently added over 30 new holiday templates in our editor. If you don’t see what you like, Bright Peak, a division of Swiftpage, is happy to design something special for you.

Offer a special discount.
If you haven’t already done this, the holiday season is the perfect time to give your customers a great deal on your services. Whether it is a giveaway or a price reduction or good old quality time, your customers will appreciate the gift and stick with you through the New Year.

Set up a Drip Marketing campaign.
A drip marketing campaign is a perfect way to reach each customer at their level. Start out with your first email or newsletter. From the actions that are reported you can set up filters to what the customer will receive next. The people who didn’t open your email may just need a direct mail greeting. Some may need a phone call to grab their attention. Those who interacted with the initial email can receive new emails that align with their actions. 

Keep track of your results.
Analyze your results while your actions are still fresh in your mind. You shouldn’t wait until the middle of next year to examine your holiday marketing results. Explore and record your results while they are happening.

What’s on your check list?

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