FAQ Friday: How can I access my own Suppression (Opt-out) file?

Kassi_JohnsonSwiftpage Support has put together a list of the top Frequently Asked Questions that our staff receives. We plan on posting one FAQ on our blog from time to time to provide our customers with another resource for their questions. Kassi Johnson, our Customer Service Manager, has put this list together. Her Email address is posted on Kassi Johnson’s about page if you would like to contact her with any further questions.

How can I access my own Suppression (Opt-out) file?

You can access your suppression file by logging into My Swiftpage at http://www.swiftpage.com/logineditor.htm.  Then click on the Reports button.  Once you have clicked on the Reports button, click on the “Suppression Data” button at the top of the screen.  Enter your account password and click Email List to have the list send to the email address associated with your account, or click View List to view the list online. 

You cannot add or remove people to your opt-out file manually – you will have to contact Swiftpage in order to do so.  You can call  877-228-8377  or email us at support@swiftpage.com with your account name and the email address of the person you want opted-out or removed from the opt-out list.

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