Swiftpage’s New Template Editor – BETA

Swiftpage’s New Template Editor – BETAWe know many of you have been waiting a long time, which makes us excited to release a BETA version of our New Template Editor!

The first group of customers is already using the New Template Editor BETA, and many more that have requested it will be “turned on” over the coming weeks.

The New Template Editor contains some great new features driven directly by customer feedback.  They include:

  • Full WYSIWYG HTML editing capability
  • Image and Document Library – so you can easily store and re-use your images and documents in multiple templates
  • Additional Document Types can now be uploaded !  Including Powerpoint, Excel and Word files (current customers are currently limited to only PDF documents!)
  • Landing Pages – a real UI for landing pages now exists!  Upload an HTML file, or create one in the WYSIWYG editor, then have Swiftpage Host it as a publicly accessed Landing Page!
  • And many more…!

If you have not yet requested to be entered into the BETA program, you can enter by filling out this survey.

As with any BETA product, we need your help making it a great!  If you have questions, comments, feature requests or have found a problem, please fill out this survey.

Swiftpage's New Template Editor - Beta

4 Responses to “Swiftpage’s New Template Editor – BETA”

  1. We would love to be able to upload documents from Microsoft Publisher. Currently, we have to convert these files int html and upload pictures individually.

    It would be tremendously easier if we could just upload the flyers we have already created in Publisher onto swftpage to email to our customers.

    Is this possible with the beta version?

  2. You can import them into the beta editor and edit them. The upload process will be the same. Upload the HTML file then upload the images. The only difference is that they can edit the template

    The link below is the upload process for the new editor.


    Let us know if you have any other questions. We are more than happy to help!

  3. Hi,
    Where we can upload your template editor?

  4. Thank you, very good thing!

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