Mari Smith answers your questions…

A few weeks ago, Mari Smith graced us with her knowledge and expertise in social media, especially within Twitter and Facebook. You, as the participant, had questions and now Mari has answered them!

Here is a sneak peek of the Q&A:

Q: Can you recommend a good book on the subject and advice on names?

A: Social Media Marketing in an Hour a Day by Dave Evans
Socialnomics by Erik Qualman
The Facebook Era
by Clara Shih
Facebook marketing Bible eBook by Justin Smith

Q: How do you get the person from you Facebook page into your follow up email system?

A: Add an opt-in box using the Static FBML app; you just copy and paste the opt-in code into the app. You can add a tab too like “Free Download” or “Free Stuff” – I have several on my fan page you’re welcome to take a look by way of example

Q: How do you get more fans for your fan page?

A: There a wide number of ways ranging from emailing your list periodically, talking about your fan page on Twitter, posting your fan page on your personal profile, mentioning your fan page in your status updates periodically on your personal profile, blogging, doing a big launch, including a badge/widget on your blog, including in your email/ezine signature file, and on your business cards. Essentially talking up a storm about being on Facebook and motivating people to join you!

Want to read more of the Q&A?

Mari Smith participated in another webinar where she answers more questions on the topic of social media. Read more>>

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