12 Reasons why you should automate your marketing

Marketing automation seems to be a hot product these days in small business marketing. Here is a list of reasons why marketing automation is a must have in your overall marketing strategy.

  1. To manage contact relationships long term. Several marketing automation tools allow you to set up sequence stages based on the number of days since your contact was loaded into your campaign. Jon Miller wrote an article for Search Engine Land saying, “Lead nurturing (marketing automation) is not just sending a monthly email newsletter to your entire database, or calling prospects every few weeks to see if they are ready to buy yet. It is your opportunity to build a relationship with a real person and progressively understand more about his needs”.
  2. To announce a product launch or event coming up. You have the ability to set stages to occur around a certain date. Pre-launch action to get people excited and post-launch to follow up and receive feedback.
  3. Ability to think ahead. Some sequences even allow you to specify dates for your stages to occur on, in turn giving you the ability to maintain your campaign schedule for sending out emails such as your e-newsletter.
  4. You can choose many different stage options. Automated marketing not only monitors your emails sent out it also allows you to add stages that include telemarketing, direct mail and fax communications.
  5. You can export and transfer list of contacts. Depending on the participants actions in a campaign you can remove certain contacts or transfer those contacts to another sequence that better fits their needs.
  6. You can pause the campaign. If something comes up or you want to take time to regroup with your sales time you can pause a campaign at anytime.
  7. You can sit back and watch it automatically deliver your campaign. The keyword in automated marketing is “automated.” Once you have launched your campaign, there is no need to worry because each stage is automatically delivered as you set it up to go out.
  8. You can set conditional actions. Setting conditional actions allows you cater to each one of your contacts depending on their actions in previous stages or a specified field in your database. For example, you can set conditions that when a person clicks on a product link within your email that they will automatically receive a follow up email to that product.
  9. It‘s integrated capabilities. Swiftpage Drip Marketing is fully integrated into ACT! by Sage, Saleslogix, SageCRM and in the near future will have its own hosted version.
  10. Email notifications. If you choose, your drip marketing campaign will automatically notify you before and/or after a stage occurs. This is helpful when you want to do your own personal follow up.
  11. It has an autoloader. If you send out a survey that asks if a participant want to be a part of your email campaigns, the drip marketing autoloader tool will automatically load that email into the campaign and start that contact off from the beginning of the campaign.
  12. It’s the holidays. The holidays are a perfect time to try something different with your marketing strategy to catch the attention of your client base. Wouldn’t you want to try something that reaches each client depending on their actions? By knowing which of your contacts would react better to direct mail will save you a good chunk of the print cost and knowing which contacts click on which product link you are able to follow up and most likely create more sales.

Stay tuned for 12 more ways on how marketing automation works best!

12 Reasons why you should automate your marketing


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