12 more reasons you should automate your marketing

Here are 12 more reasons automated marketing should integrated in your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Start off the New Year right. If you are already too immersed in the holiday craze, why not make it a new year’s resolution to try out drip marketing. The same reasons apply as #12 on previous blog.
  2. We have Drip Marketing Certified Consultants to help. DMCCs are fully trained in the ins and outs of Drip Marketing. They have the ability to teach you how to boost your sales and marketing efforts to ultimately wow your prospects and customers.
  3. You can one day become a DMCC. If you become crazy about drip marketing, you can enroll in our DMCC program to become your own certified consultant and bring in revenue around your new found talent.
  4. You could be featured in a case study. Have you had incredible results in a particular drip marketing campaign worth writing about? Swiftpage loves to feature our customers’ successes. Not only will you receive a featured case study on our web site. The case study could also gain your company exposure through our blog and other social media outlets.
  5. Everybody is talking about it. Automated marketing is one of the latest and greatest technologies email marketing has to offer. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of an easy to use marketing tool that allows you to manage and build long term relationships with your prospects and clients?
  6. It will make your creative juices run. Marketing automation is a great avenue to try out creative marketing ideas. So start brainstorming and create a campaign that people can’t stop talking about.
  7. If you aren’t creative, Bright peak can help. Bright Peak is a division of Swiftpage dedicated to providing creative work for companies and individuals that need design relief. They can create custom templates and direct mail design for your drip marketing campaign plus more.
  8. Gain a better understanding of your contacts and what they like. The robust reporting tools allow you to see the interactions of each of your contacts. If they open your email, you will be able to see what they click on and what interests them. From there you can follow up accordingly. If they don’t open the email, maybe they respond better to direct mail or a phone call.
  9. Ability to use all forms of communication in one. As I have mentioned marketing automation is not just about email marketing. You can include direct mail, telecommunications and even fax communications if you see the need too.
  10. Marketing and Sales teams are working happily together. There has always been a sort of love-hate relationship between the marketing and sales teams. With marketing automation the marketing team can assemble the short and sweet eye-catching content and design while the sales team can analyze the email interactions and create call lists. This is where lead management is used to its highest efficiency.
  11. More contacts turn to clients. With lead management in full force, your sales team will be able to react faster and prioritize possible leads appropriately. In turn, they will be reaching interested prospects increasing the opportunity of a sale dramatically.
  12. It’s just so easy. Swiftpage’s engineers built drip marketing to provide you with tools to build simple to intelligent campaigns so that the not so tech-savvy to the tech-savvy professionals of small businesses could take advantage of it. However, if for some reason you just can’t wrap your head around it we have a world-class support team waiting for your questions.

What do you think? Are you immersed in the world of marketing automation? Tell us about it.

12 more reasons you should automate your marketing

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