FAQ Friday: What is a Call List?

Q: What is a Call List?

A: The Call List is a ranked list of your most interested contacts based on their interaction with a specific email campaign or a combination of email campaigns.  For instance, if Joe opens your email three times and clicks on four different links in the email, he is considered a “Hot” contact, whereas Jane — who opened your email once and clicked on no links — is considered only a “Mild” contact.  Joe’s name therefore appears higher on the Call List than Jane’s, because Joe has shown more interest in the email.  (In other words, the amount of opens and clicks a recipient has is a good indicator of their interest in your email.)

The Call List is automatically sorted from the highest score to the lowest score, so that you can contact your most interested leads first.

Our Swiftpage for ACT! users (Pro and Team) have the ability to “Sync” their Call Lists into ACT! where they can view further information about their client and schedule activities (like a phone call) for them.  With Swiftpage for ACT! “Team” accounts Call Lists can be assigned across your sales force to help you manage your sales process.

FAQ Friday: What is a Call List?

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