Testing your email campaign

You are well into the heart of your holiday marketing by now. Have you thought about what it is going to be like to return to the” normalcy” of the New Year? What are your next steps in making your email campaigns a big success? Remember, your holiday results will not necessarily help you in determining your best practices throughout the year. Here are a handful of ways you can test your email campaigns to ultimately gain the best results.

What days are the best to send?

Randomly split up your contact list. Send the same email to one group of them on one day and another group on another day. Do it at the same time on each day and see whether the results differ.

What is the best time?

Once you have figured out the most responsive day. Do the same thing with the time of day you send it out.

Subject line

At the appropriate time and day you have found practice a few subject lines. Make sure they are relevant to the copy inside your email. Do action driven words create stronger results or is something simpler and to the point more effective. Face this challenge as if you are writing a headline for the front page of the news.

Graphics or text?

Now let’s look at the design and copy. Does your set clientele react more to bold graphics that lead the way or are they pulled in through compelling copy that provides the right information. Most likely it is a combination of both but if you know you readers , you will find the correct ratio between the two.

Where’s the call to action?

Where does your reader’s eye move to? Will they click on a button for your service if it is in the top right corner or do they need to see all the information first to consider pushing the button at the bottom of the email?

Tip on the side: The length of email

Over the course of email marketing’s history emails have gotten shorter and shorter and much more focused and action driven. You lure in a client to click to the next step, your landing page, with more information and more content that compels the reader to want to know more about your services. We have found the tighter your write and the simpler, in terms of length, your emails generally are will give you success in the long run.

Now it’s time to go beyond this… Long term results

“The key with testing is to look at it as a long-term investment in your e-mail marketing program. It’s not just about the additional monies that were generated from the winning version with the single test send — it’s about the future. It’s about the ongoing lift in revenue that will be recognized as the winning version becomes the control and is rolled out to the entire list,” said Jeanne Jennings of Clickz.

Have you figured out the perfect combination for your email campaigns? We would love to hear your experience.

**Jeanne Jennings article that I have cited seems to present testing negatively off the bat but if you read the article from start to finish Jennings does a good job in defining the value in testing and how to relate to long term results.

Testing your email campaign

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