Email Marketing checklist for 2010

We have official entered 2010 with full force ready to see where the world of email marketing and small business marketing will take us. Here are few things to consider when you are preparing your email campaigns in order to start 2010 off right.

  1. Write a killer subject line – Think of your subject line as a headline for a feature story. How can you make it compelling enough for readers to commit to the email? Provide relevant information that is in the copy and focus on its highlights. Look back through your past campaigns and see which ones received the highest open rates. Was there something unifying about those subject lines? Write something similar.
  2. Grow your list in creative ways – So you want to reach a wider audience with your email marketing efforts but are having trouble figuring out a cost effective and efficient way of doing so. Events, surveys, whitepapers are just a few of the ways you can efficiently grow your list. Do you have an event coming up? Make sure participants have to share their email address in order to register for the event. Same thing with surveys. If you create an incentive for your surveys such as a discount or giveaway you will encourage more people to share their input as well as their email address. White papers also provide you with this opportunity. Other out of the box ways include putting an offer on the back of your business card to sign up for your newsletter, adding a link to sign up in your email signature, doing a drawing with business cards at an event.
  3. Sometimes images speak louder than words – Are your emails filled from top to bottom with text. Why not try to add relevant images to the mix and see how your recipients react. The right images have a powerful way of connecting with individuals in a faster way then text can. Use graphics for your call to actions by creating eye-catching buttons.
  4. Testimonials – Testimonials are a great way to not only highlight the success of your services but to also show off your clients’ companies. It is a simple way to personalize your emails and show your readers that you care about your customer’s opinions.
  5. Integrate social media – If you haven’t already jumped on the social media band wagon, I think it is time. Including your social media links into your emails relays the fact that you are open and ready to listen and engage through many different avenues. Linking these also provides you with an easy way to get readers involved in your social media efforts. On the other side, add newsletter opt-in forms through your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter efforts to efficiently grow your lists.
  6. Be purposeful with links – Linking is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Your links provide a path for your readers to find your services and activities. It is absolutely essential that you are purposeful with these links. Make them straightforward and action driven. Don’t simply say “Click here” rather add action saying “Read more” or “Sign up today.” Use both images and text to act as links. Pay close attention to placement as well. What links seem to be clicked on the most and where are they on the page?
  7. Get whitelisted – Encourage your readers to white list your email. Encourage them to add your email to their address back to ensure delivery.
  8. Target your content – The great thing about email marketing is the reporting tools. The data allows you to see how recipients interact with any given email. Because of this, you have an incredible opportunity to target your emails depending on these interactions. When an individual clicks on a specific link you now can follow up with them specifically. There is no one message that is going to reach your clients. Pay attention to that data and respond effectively.
  9. Clean up your list – As you grow your list you will also want to do a little house cleaning. Send out an email asking people to update their contact information if necessary. Through ACT! by Sage you can automatically update your database and Swiftpage email recipient list.
  10. Don’t settle for just email marketing as the only communication – Email marketing is no doubt one the most effective ways to reach customers and clients today but it isn’t the only one. Sometimes email just can’t get the job done alone. The recipients that are not opening your emails may respond better to a phone call or direct mail. Those who continually click on a specific link to a product may need a phone call to close the deal. When you use several forms of communication you are letting your customers and prospects know that you want to reach them where they are at. If effective you build long lasting business relationships.

Email Marketing Checklist for 2010

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