Porter Davis Homes reaches prospective home buyers through email marketing

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Porter Davis Homes
are Melbourne’s 3rd Largest Volume builder that construct around 1,600 Homes per year. We offer home buyers a range of house designs and price points starting from smaller first home buyer style houses at 19 square metres to large 52 square, 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom homes. We have over 35 display homes located across Melbourne that attract over 8,000 people every month. Our website also has around 2,000 visits per day. We employ 40 sales people, which are all located at the displays.Porter Davis Homes

The problem we faced was the large volume of people that visit the displays and request more information. Buying a new home is the biggest decision making process anyone will ever make, so ensuring the prospect has the information they desire to make an informed choice about what to build and who to build it is very important. The sales people were only focusing on the people that were there and ready to buy that day. The ones that wanted more information or had just started learning about building a new home were often pushed aside.

Melbourne also faces a land shortage. Prospects must decide what area they want to live in and then purchase land from a Land Developer. The next step is to choose a builder and pick a house design to build. Because land is scarce, prospects are always waiting for land.

In order to better capture and communicate to prospects that visit the display homes lead capture forms were created that would allow the sales team to capture prospect information. This information was then entered into ACT! by Sage and allowed the sales people to segment their database into a variety of different categories such as interested home design, budget, land estate interest and purchase timeframes. Swiftpage was then the tool to communicate and filter and qualify leads. By continually sending out emails to leads regarding new house designs or new land estates, we could measure email opens and create hot lists which ranked the lead depending on what they had clicked on in the email. This was an essential follow-up tool for the sales consultants because it eliminated the fear of ‘cold calling’. Another major benefit and reducing the ‘cold calling’ phobia was the fact that each email that was sent out to the sales person’s leads was actually sent from the sales consultant’s email address (not marketing@porterdavis.com.au) This again made it easier for the consultant to speak to the lead as the person was used to the sales person’s name from previous emails that had been received. Relationship selling is very important in the property industry and people will buy from the most knowledgeable and trust worthy sales people. Swiftpage helps create this relationship and delivers the message in a professional and sophisticated manner.

The first major benefit was that we could manage all E-DM communication in-house and no longer needed to rely on the marketing agency to do this for us (this was costing us a fortune in HTML design and we had to work around their work schedule to wait for things to be done). When the agency did handle this, we had no record back to the database of the emails they have received which now happens automatically with ACT! by Sage. One of the biggest benefits though is what was mentioned earlier about everything being created centrally by marketing, and the ability to send on behalf of other sales people.

Porter Davis Homes reaches prospective home buyers through email marketing


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