Where’s your marketing automation map?

Some things just work better when you have a map.

When it comes to designing a house or building anything with moving parts, maps and blueprints are essential for thinking and testing out ideas before actual construction begins. You can imagine the chaos and money that would be wasted without these plans.

Automated marketing is not as complex as building a house but when you look at the big picture and take into account that you will be automating all or portions of your marketing it helps to have a good idea of how you’re going to get there.

drip marketing

The best way to build an automated marketing blueprint for yourself, through Swiftpage’s Drip Marketing,  is really simple and fun because as the plan develops on paper you get a glimpse of how powerful and convenient the automation is going to be. All you need to do is get out your whiteboard or a fresh piece of paper and start branching and drawing arrows to all of the different scenarios that you want automated. For example:

A Colorado Guest Ranch’s Drip Marketing map for new inquiries:

  • If someone inquires about staying at the ranch > send a follow up email, brochure and create a call list of hot, warm and mild leads
  • if they book > send the “Leading up to the stay” emails
  • if they don’t book >put them into a long term nurturing campaign (this could include a few emails over a three month duration, direct mail sent to those who did not interact with email and a call list of your most interested leads)

This is just a snippet from their mind map. You can already see the ease of the automation and how much time will be saved. This can be applied to any product, inquiry or event you can think of and once you start to map things out the big picture becomes much more clear and the value of what you personally can automate begins to sink in.

At the very least get your own mind map going and tinker around with the possibilities of what you can automate. If Drip Marketing is right for you, but making a marketing map doesn’t interest you or you don’t have the time, we have a group of talented Drip Marketing consultants who are trained and specialized in brainstorming and implementing Drip Marketing campaigns. Click here to find a certified consultant.

Where's your marketing automation map?


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