Email campaign content brainstorming

When creating an email, it is crucial to have action-driven content that will engage the recipient enough to read what you are all about. The first step to developing content is brainstorming. Take a step back and ask yourselves these questions:

Content directed toward the reader
What does my audience want to know?
How can I be relevant and honest with my content?
What’s in it for the reader?

Thinking about competition (competition for eyeballs and time)
Why would someone read my email first?
Why would they read it at all?

How can I be descriptive and interesting?
What information should be added?
What about a article teaser?

Think strategy
What is your goal?
What is your bottom-line?
What quantitative results do you want to see?
Is it sticking to your business mission?
Think about lead generation and sales goals.

What else?
Is video appropriate and effective to add?
If using images, which ones, location?
Where is your call to action most effective?
Do you need a table of contents?

Email campaign content brainstorming


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