FAQ Friday: How do I use a template as a survey background page?

A: Any template can be saved and used as a background page for a survey.  (Note: this functionality is only available with our Pro and Team level accounts.)

To create a survey background page, first create a template that your survey will be displayed on.  For example you can have a template with a background color then your logo in the upper corner.  Save the template as “SurveyBk” followed by your template name (e.g. “SurveyBk December Survey”).  (If you are using a pre-existing template as the survey background page, go to Template Library > Rename (or Save As) to put the word SurveyBk in the name of your template.)  For imported templates, use the word “SurveyBk” somewhere in the file name of the template.

Next, in the place in the template where you want your survey to appear, put this mail merge field into the text: [[SpeSurveyHere]]

Finally, click on My Swiftpage > Surveys > Survey Design > Background Page.  Choose the SurveyBk template you just created from the drop down page, and then click Submit.  Your survey will now appear with the background page you designed for it.

Please note that these templates cannot be emailed as a Swiftpage email — surveys cannot appear in the actual body of a Swiftpage email sent out to your customers.

FAQ Friday: How do I use a template as a survey background page?

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