Using Alltop to write good email subject lines

With email marketing, I don’t think we can stress enough importance on subject lines and headlines in your emails. So here it goes again.

Subject lines not only lure in your email recipients to read more but they serve as the avenue to building trust with them. If your subject line does not represent the content within the email, your recipients won’t trust your other emails and could even opt-out of future ones.

On the same note, the headlines within your email should provide the same valuable information that invites the recipients further into your content, inspiring them to take the next step in venturing to your web site or taking you up on that irresistible offer.

Chris Brogan just wrote a blog post encouraging people to use Alltop as a resource to writing compelling titles. He focus on writing good blog post titles, but the same could be used for email subject lines and articles headlines. Look up a few of your industry key words to see what titles are being used. Take their inspiration and what you already know about your client base and write your own killer subject lines.

I looked up “small business” and found a few eye-catching blog titles –
Sustainablity can drive innovation, but only through disruption
Get customers out of a holding pattern
 The Alfred Hitchcock secret to compelling content and copy
– The single greatest way to discover innovation
– Social Entreprenuership takes off

Don’t hesitate to try out your newly developed subject lines. Log into Swiftpage today!

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