Innovation Challenge

Truth- Email marketing allows everyone to be an inventor, tester,  and learned expert for your audience and industry at large by using and analyzing campaign reports.

Challenge- Go against the grain. Email is the safest testing ground for exploring new ideas and concepts, so why not tinker and bring some exciting innovation to your industry?

Side note: This will obviously need to be done appropriately with opt-in contacts, but why not do some exploring where you can track and see if your whiteboard concepts actually gain some ground with your clients?

Share – We want to hear from you. How do you bring innovation to your industry?

Innovation Challenge

One Response to “Innovation Challenge”

  1. i agree with you, email marketing is a powerful way to keep contact and communication with our subscriber. I usually share my new idea especially to my loyal subscriber so that they’ll keep support me and pleased because i give valuable information and always share with them. Beside, i also open two ways communication with them so we can gain benefits each other

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