A Practical Drip Marketing Scenario

Your Drip Marketing campaign can contain any mix of direct mail, email, web forms, landing pages and websites.  Whichever series you choose, it is important to design the whole process before your readers come across it. Consistency is key and each marketing communication needs to build on the next.

So let’s look at a practical scenario.

Lead nurturing campaign:  Postcard>Landing Page> Email 1> Email 2

Simple Design elements to keep in mind throughout:

  • Think about usability and readability
  • Use graphics that relate directly with the content and audience, not just ones that look good
  • White space is a beautiful thing

Point of Contact 1:  The Postcard

The postcard’s main goal is to drive the recipient to your landing page.  So, the crucial element of this piece is the URL.  Your content needs to be enticing enough for someone to get up from reading their mail to looking up your website online.  You need to focus on the point of action’s location and how the content supports and naturally points to it.

Point of Contact 2: The Landing Page

You were successful with step one and now you want to acquire your prospect’s valuable information.  Does the landing page have a consistent look and voice similar to the postcard?  Will it keep the interest of the reader long enough to want to take action?   Whether the touch point is a button that leads to a web form or the web form is embedded in the landing page, you need to make sure it has the prime real estate on the page. This does not necessarily mean that it is at the top of the page, but rather in the spot all your content is pointing to.  You have kept their interest and they will thank you by taking action and providing their information.

Point of Contact 3:  Email 1

You now have your lead’s contact information and permission to follow up with them via email.  When they open this email are they going to recognize who you are?  Remember – consistency is key.  Consistency reminds the recipient about what you are sending.  If your email design and content builds off of the landing page and postcard, you keep the information fresh and foremost in their mind.  Within email particularly, you want to provide just enough content to push people to your product page, web site or landing page.

Point of Contact 4:  Email 2

With Swiftpage Drip Marketing you can track these particular links in your email and see who clicked on them.  For those who clicked, you can follow up by sending an even more targeted email about that specific link. This way you are reaching the most interested prospects and a sale could very well be imminent.

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