Swiftpage bridges the gap between Deutsche Bank’s CRM solution and e-marketing needs

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Deutsche Bank’s Hedge Fund Capital Group provides capital introductions and campaigns, market intelligence and advice and implementation tools to managers and investors. The team consists of 15 professional located across New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. These dedicated specialists bring over 14 years of relevant market experience on average, connecting mangers and investors to bespoke capital solutions and business development opportunities in markets worldwide. Deutsche Bank has been awarded “Best in Class” for Capital Introduction Services for Hedge Fund in Global Custodian’s annual prime brokerage survey since 2002.


In 2007, Deutsche Bank was looking for a mass email marketing system. More specifically, they were looking for an e-marketing service that was flexible, cost-effective, had excellent customer service and was an all around reliable system. Deutsche Bank was already using Saleslogix as the CRM solution so not only were they trying to find one that would work in line with their database but one that could handle a large number of emails.


Deutsche Bank found that Swiftpage is the service to bridge the gap between their CRM solution and email marketing needs. Not only does it fully integrate into Saleslogix but it is relatively inexpensive and flexible with its features. The ability to send out thousands of emails per month that is managed by a single person was the selling point. With Swiftpage’s Send As feature, the sales people can communicate their email messages to a single individual who can compile them into a sophisticated email campaign and send under the name and email address of each sales person allowing the email recipients to automatically recognize who the email is coming from. By eliminating the sales person’s responsibility for the email campaigns personally, they are able to better focus on the prospect and investor relations as a whole.

Swiftpage was also appealing because of its Scheduled Send feature. Now the individual managing the email campaign can create them ahead of time and set them to send at a later date.


Through Swiftpage, the sales people have continual communication with their clients and prospects without even having to be in the office. As I mentioned previously, a sales representative can send targeted content to the individual who manages the email communication. This individual can then create an email with this content with one of Swiftpage’s customizable templates and send as the sales rep to the appropriate list from the Saleslogix database. The ability to do this is truly a success for a business like Deutsche Bank where the Sales team is always traveling.

The Saleslogix integration features also better focuses the email targeting by separating the contacts whose emails have bounced, are duplicates or have opted-out. The reporting tool offers an explanation for why certain email addresses bounce. This way you can follow up with these individuals through other forms of communication to get their most up to date email address. The list manager never allows the same email to be sent to a recipient twice because it catches when there are duplicates. It also does the same thing when someone has opted-out of receive your email campaigns. No matter if they are added to your list, they will never receive another one of your emails. Swiftpage prides itself on being a CAN-SPAM compliant business.

To learn more about Deutsche Bank, visit http://www.db.com
To view more case studies, visit http://www.swiftpage.com/case-studies

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