BFT U.S., Inc. Consults Bright Peak on Email Marketing Design Practices

BFT U.S., Inc. is a global company that manufactures gate operators and access control equipment with its corporate headquarters located in Schio, Italy. The North American market is covered by the US subsidiary located in Boca Raton, FL.

BFT needed a second opinion on the best way to layout and view their email campaigns. The questions being addressed were what is the proper placement for images keeping in mind that they won’t always show up in the recipient’s inbox? and how can we get our recipients to view as a web page more frequently?

Audrey Howes of Bright Peak recommended that we could put a text box in the location where the image was to be located so the recipient would know that there was a picture that was not being viewed. Bright Peak also complied with our wishes to create another “view as web page” link in the body of the email, right below the header. This is in addition to a similar link in the footer of the email that allows people to see email content in a web browser.

We have only been in the U.S. for 3 years and have only used a traditional ad campaign in our industry publications. This past December was our first venture into e-marketing. The first couple of email blasts were general emails with no call to action for sales. Now that we have moved to marketing certain products we are consistently getting around a 30% open rate and clients are starting to contact us for proposals.

BFT has committed to an e-marketing campaign that will consist of emailing all our prospective clients twice a month with different products that we offer as well as possible specials. We believe this will give us an increasingly positive ROI and add to our monthly sales.

To learn more about BFT U.S., Inc., visit

To find out more about Bright Peak, visit

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